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Practical Freelancer

Helping Freelancers Get Ahead

The Lazybones Method of Easy Content Creation

The Lazybones Method of Easy Content Creation

For Freelancers, Solopreneurs, and Anyone Wanting to Learn a Kill-Two-Birds-with-One-Stone Trick for Rapid Content Creation

Never want to be stuck on what to write?

Content creation has always been a struggle for me.

I was embarrased by how long "write article" remained on my todo list.

But day after day, stretching to month after month... the damn article just never got written.

That is, until I was in a copywriting Facebook group one day. And was leaving a reply for someone who was struggling...

Then it hit me! This reply I'm writing is... content.

It may be short. But it's helpful. And... can have a life beyond social media.

That's when the Method (that I show you in this book) was born.

It's not complicated. But it has helped me beat "writer's block." And always have fresh ideas... with much of the content ready to go already!

There have been so many emails.... and even those elusive "articles"... that I've created using this Method.

I love this Method because it helped make the process so enjoyable. And fast!

And because I figured there'd be freelancers and solopreneurs, like you, who may appreciate a helping hand with writing content for their businesses...

I decided to tick off another todo item... and create this product! 😄

I trust this will help you become an even more efficient content creator... who never has to stare down a blank page again.

All the best!

Chris Milham

Chris Milham

Inside you'll find...

  • How you can use this simple Method to crank out a mountain of content. And have your audience craving more.
  • Why content creation is a "must." And "polishing" your content is the least of your worries.
  • How using what you're doing on social media already can help make your content creation process easier. And faster.
  • The one thing you need that'll make the Method SO MUCH EASIER to stick to. And help you love every minute!
  • The reason why this approach is a doorway to sales. It's all because you're helping people solve their problems!
  • The Three Basic Steps of the Method summarized. And covered in more depth in a chapter each.
  • Some "tough love." Because we just need it sometimes. And because I want to help you get on top of your content creation game!
  • A reminder that the incredible value of the content you produce with this Method is that it's yours! So you can use and re-use it to benefit your business.
  • How this Method allows me to take simple interactions on social media and flesh them out into emails and articles. Plus, I give behind-the-scenes insight into how I use this content in my business.
  • The rewards that following this process can bring. Including building stronger relationships with your prospective clients. And showing you're a person who "knows their stuff."
  • The One-Two Content Power-Punch™ that enables me to create a second piece of content in a matter of minutes. And keeps the dreaded "writer's block" at bay.

You get...

  • EPUB format ebook. Suitable for most ebook readers (including Kindle). With six quick-to-finish chapters.
  • PDF version. Suitable for printing. Or reading on desktop computers or laptops.
  • How to upload to Kindle. A step-by-step video on using Amazon's "Send to Kindle" tool.
  • Immediate access. No logins required. Just a simple link to access your ebook and extras.

Plus, two gifts...

Gift #1: The Complete Audiobook

David Stevens
  • For listening on the go with your favorite music player.
  • Provided as a single, 40-minute MP3 file.

Gift #2: A Full Demonstration

David Stevens
  • Watch an "over the shoulder" run-through of the Method in action.
  • Provided as a single MP4 video you can watch anywhere.

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