Practical Freelancer

Helping Freelance Writers Get Ahead

Practical Freelancer

Helping Freelancers Get Ahead

Welcome, my freelance writing friend!

I'm Chris... and, like you, living the freelancing freedom lifestyle kinda thing (or... at least trying to!)

For client work, email copywriting is my focus. And I especially love writing daily emails.

My experience spans fashion, entertainment, gardening, real estate, executive coaching, business strategy, and health & wellness.

But the thing that fires me up most is helping other freelance writers get ahead.

Chris Milham sitting in front of a bookshelf

It's like this...

In my early days of freelancing I did a fair amount of falling flat on my face. But I also appreciated help and encouragement from others.

They gave me the confidence boost I needed to take the bull by the horns... and just get out there and do the scary stuff.

Like talking to clients. Making sales. And getting over my "what if they don't like?" type of questions.

I tell you what...

It'll warm the cockles of my heart to help you take a few steps further ahead on your path of freelance writing success. 😊

So if some extra help, encouragement, and a chuckle or two, sounds like a good thing...

The place to be is my email list, Freelance Contours Daily.

I invite you to join here...

Other freelance writers say...

"I enjoy getting your emails. They're the first thing I see in my inbox when I get up in the mornings. I read yours and Ben Settle's and they keep me going."

David Stevens

Steven Dorsey

Direct Response Copywriter

"I recently subscribed to your newsletter and I really enjoy it. It's humorous but informative, very engaging! I look forward to it every day."

David Stevens

Kathy Pinnell

SEO Specialist

Or, if you prefer a "lighter touch" to start... check out my weekly Substack newsletter.

My freelance writing clients say...

‘Added a Personal Touch to Our Emails’

I had been looking for someone who can add a personal touch to our emails for some time, and Chris does that. My company's emails are now warm, personal, and informative. It has been a complete pleasure working with Chris, and I would highly recommend his work to others seeking assistance with email marketing.

David Stevens

David Stevens

Founder, IGWorks, San Clemente, California​.

‘Above and Beyond’

From the first communication to the last, I felt heard by Chris and trusted that he was fully focused on what would make my project successful. It is rare that I feel like someone goes above and beyond, and Chris did just that. His dedication to this project was excellent; he was responsible, responsive and professional.

Elona Landau

Elona Landau​

Principal, Department of Practical Sunshine, Portland, Oregon​.

‘Listened to My Needs’

Chris was truly amazing! He listened to my needs, made sure he fully understood the project and had what he needed to be successful, and executed in a timely manner.

Paige Hines

Paige Hines

Founder, Sun and Sea, Los Angeles, California.

‘Attention to Detail’

Chris' attention to detail and passion for his work is exceptional. He took the time to understand both my brand and my client and translated it into workable templates perfectly. If you want a thorough and caring professional, you can't look past Chris.

Mia Dalessandro

Mia Dalessandro

Principal, The Road Hypnotherapy & Health Services, Perth, Australia.

‘Fast, Efficient, and Professional’

Chris's work is absolutely exceptional. The delivery was well above expectations. Fast, efficient and professional. Writing was polished, succinct and captured all of the ideas I wanted to put forward and most importantly did so in our brand voice. Communication was excellent all the way through. Can't recommend him highly enough!

Shawn Lerner

Shawn Lerner​

Founder,, Toronto, Canada​.

Freelance Contours Daily is my daily email list where all the fun happens... along with a good measure of tips and encouragement for freelancer writers. Check it out here.

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